Social Media Black Hole


Social Media Black Hole

Ok, this might be inspired by the Social Dilemma film, but I handled similar thoughts for a while, and it's resonating with me a lot when I watched this documentary.

The internet

I'm a big fan of the internet. The idea of sharing information and having free and instant access to it always felt cosmic to me. I thankful web for helping me educate myself, meet my beloved wife, find a great job, and many other exciting things that happened to me.

But it's very addictive, especially when it comes to social media or games.

And social media, gosh...

Where we turned wrong?

A few years ago, this came to me when I was trying to find a post seen just a minute ago. I spend too much time looking for it without success, and it was gone in a black hole.

Social media have no interest in long-term content.

That's why the search doesn't work. That's why stories are so pushed.

Then second punch got me a bit later when I was scrolling the news feed and realized I don't get content that I subscribed to. Instead, I got to consume what the algorithm thinking is better for me.

Thank you, but I don't buy it. I don't want to be trapped in the bulb.

Coziness is a trap

Having access to polar and uncomfortable opinions is essential. I can judge about it looking into my working experience, where many times I witnessed outstanding and skilled people leaving companies or stopping evolve because no one to confront them.

Nothing good might be born in an agree-shaking-heads environment. All good stuff comes to light through critics, disputes, disagreements, and compromises.

So I am always looking to work with people who are not afraid to express their opinions and listen to mine, even if it's different.

Same with content you consume, if you take a look around and notice everyone talk what you want to hear, I have bad news for you. Sadly, you won't hear it.

Better run

I stopped using Facebook around three years ago and visiting only its Marketplace to sell or buy some used stuff from time to time. The last post on my Instagram dated a year back. I'm not very active on Twitter. Linkedin scary me as shit with all these people bombing in an attempt to resell me to someone.

Whine won't help

Good old times of chats, forums, LiveJournal, and non-opionated social networks are gone forever. But a need to be in touch not went anywhere.

Keep looking

Telegram was some fresh breath with its author channels. I started listening to podcasts, really enjoying email newsletters, and even started paying for content to support individual creators.

Unfortunately, the amount of such individual content is not that big, especially if you compare it to billions of tonnes generated on social media.

On my own

One simple thought just came to me

You don't need a big corp product to be on the internet.

I can go back to primal and continue from where I started, from my own homepage that you are probably visiting now.

It will always be available under , well... until I'm paying for the domain and hosting.

So thank you for reaching and reading it. See ya in the wild!